Center Officers Selection Process

Dear Center Presidents and Group Leaders,

Please view this informational video developed by our regional YA team regarding the selection process.

If possible, please view together at the center followed by a Q/A session.  Also forward the above link to the video to all members along with these FAQ’s:


  1. Who can be on the selection committee?
    1. The center president, VP and 1-2 senior members who do not wish to serve as officers along with the supervising regional officer (SRO)
  2. Can the nomination committee approach specific members for nomination?
    1. Yes they can identify and approach members.  They should also encourage as many nominees as possible for each position.  (whether they are self nominated or nominated by others)
  3. When and how to collect nominations?
    1. Starting now, by collecting in person at center, by email, and by getting from collection box.
    2. Review to determine if the nominee is eligible
    3. Ask nominee if he/she is able to serve if selected.  Encourage them to let the center decide rather than declining the nomination.
    4. Keep and tabulate all nominations received (even if not eligible or if nominee declines) so the RP and SRO can review all.
    5. No need to keep tally on how many nominations a person has received.
  4. When and how to choose a selection date?
    1. Starting now, to announce as soon as possible at center meeting and by center distribution list so members can adjust their schedules. Also to announce every week at center meeting.
    2. First priority is to pick a day and time that is most convenient to majority of members; second priority is to pick a day so that the SRO is able to come.
  5. What if a question arises?
    1. Ask the center president first; if they are not sure or a doubt exists, then feel free to ask the SRO and RP

By now you should have been contacted by the supervising regional officer (SRO) who will facilitate the selection process at your center. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your SRO or myself.

Loving Sai Rams,

Axay Kalathia
SSIO- USA, Region 3